Leo Ciaramitaro

percussionist, drummer, drum teacher


one hour  $60

Private lessons are one of the most effective learning experiences for musicians. Your curriculum is customized for your development, and you’ll be able to keep track of your progress. Students will work hard, but lessons are also exciting and fun.

Topics covered 

• Tunes: learn one new song per week 
• Technique: hand and muscle development
• Reading: beginner to advanced
• Styles: rock, funk, blues, latin, jazz 
• Soloing: over a tune, motivic solos, creative visualization solos 
• Coordination: using Syncopation and the rudimental ritual as taught by Alan Dawson


Students should have a drum set at home for practice. You will receive handouts, but need to purchase some essential drum books. 


There are no prerequisites to study drums. All level of students are welcome and students should be motivated, organized and focused in their studies—ready to practice each subject in 10 or 15 minute chunks, then move on to the next topic. After completing all topics, start again with the first. This is focused practicing which helps develops deep concentration and all aspects of drumming equally.


Payment is collected for lessons in advance of each month. If a student decides to discontinue lessons after the lessons have been scheduled, there are no refunds. Make-up sessions are limited to illness and extreme circumstances only, and one make-up session per month. One month's notice in advance of cancellation of ongoing lessons is a requirement.

For more information, email leodrums@mac.com

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